Looking for a cost-effective way to get your brand messaging to consumers? Think Satellite Media Tours, also known as SMTs! SMTs place your product in a news or talk program, giving it an organic and newsworthy hook to get consumer’s attention!

Why are SMTs so effective?

Tell your story! SMTs consist of a series of 20+ pre-booked interviews, either live or taped, that place your spokesperson on a range of television, radio, and internet platforms, reaching millions of impressions – all from the comfort and convenience of a single location via satellite, Zoom, Skype or other formats.

SMTs connect with markets across the United States in a matter of hours giving you instant access to the local and national news media’s full reach potential.

Typically, SMTs are recorded and produced in a studio, but remote production is possible from most any location.

Who will be on camera?

Your on-camera SMT spokesperson should be a nationally recognized personality, an industry expert, or someone knowledgeable from your company. Charisma and media interview experience are also incredibly beneficial to successful messaging and promotion.

How can I ensure my SMT’s success?

News Media Group can help! Our clients include many Fortune 500 companies, growth companies, and top PR Agencies. We cover a comprehensive range of topics, from technology to consumer lifestyle.

How We Do It

News Media Group can guarantee millions of impressions for your SMT by booking interviews from our vast network of media contacts. After your tour, we also distribute a sharable video across our web and social media channels further expanding the effectiveness and reach of your story.

We then send detailed airing reports along the way, so you know which markets and stations aired the interview, the dates and times, and audience reach estimates, helping to measure your ROI.

We can produce an exclusive SMT for just your brand OR join one of our highly sought-after Co-Op SMTs featuring other non-competitive brands to reduce your project’s investment.

We make it easy for you!

Our expert team manages the entire project while giving you approvals throughout the process…so it really is “Your News. Your Way.”

Contact News Media Group today to see how we can help!