PRODUCTION FACILITY – South Florida – West Palm Beach

Along with our production partner, KO-MAR Productions, we are located in downtown West Palm Beach, just a few minutes from Palm Beach International Airport and Downtown CityPlace. Our studios are in the Scripps Howard NBC affiliate in West Palm Beach, a 25 million dollar beautiful facility. We have redundant backup power and the building has been rated to withstand a Category 5 hurricane.

The 6,000 sq. ft. studio comes complete with a lighting grid and white background with the ability to also do green screen productions. The control room for this studio includes everything needed for a big production – standard definition switcher, still stores DVE, Chyron, audio and even the ability to go live. The studio has accommodated live “set” shows, infomercials, satellite media tours and commercials.

There is a set design area as well as a four-chair makeup area and green room.

Studio includes:

  • Area: 6000 sq ft with a 30 ft ceiling
  • Lighting grid with dimmer packs
  • Height to grid: 18 ft
  • Hard cyc that can be painted upon request. Dimensions: 36 X 42 X 16 ft on a 90° angle
  • 8 x 10 green screen flat available
  • A variety of spaces: Make-up room, private green room, conference room/production office and a dedicated SD control room
  • Adjacent loading dock with 18 ft roll-up door and hydraulic platform
  • Genie Lift
  • Wi-Fi & Satellite access
  • One gray and one black floor to ceiling curtain for backdrop or partitioning
  • Studio Manager to assist your team
  • Security: Gated lot entry, key-card access and an entire parking garage level for studio guests


Our NY production partner’s 20 x 30 shooting and broadcast studio offers endless creative possibilities. It is ideal for commercials, interviews, stand-ups, table tops, satellite media tours, panel discussions, webcasts, podcasts, and a variety of productions. Along with the studio is an impeccably kept kitchen and relaxing green room fit for the most discerning clientele and celebrity talent.

The studio is fully air-conditioned and sound proofed. The control room can be configured for up to four sources of live switching with Sigma encoding for live-to-tape recording or live feed to satellite or fiber. We have a highly experienced and talented staff of directors, producers, director’s of photography, technical directors, audio technicians, grips, gaffres, teleprompter operators and more for your next production.

Studio includes:

  • Elevated control room with live switching capabilities
  • Double wall cyclorama
  • Lighting grid
  • TV-1 Fiber connection
  • Satellite capabilities
  • Phone call-ins
  • 12 x 24 Green Room/Makeup Room, with a wide screen monitor, cable and internet access
  • Kitchen

We can provide you with the most client-friendly studio experience in the business. Our unique studio design allows you to oversee the action from the elevated control room with a bird’s-eye view of the studio while also making available viewing from the comfort of the screening lounge.

We have a variety of set pieces and backdrops in-house that can be combined to create your unique environment. From living room sets to kitchen to classic chair and bookcase, we will work closely with you to achieve the look you need.

PRODUCTION FACILITY – Los Angeles – Burbank Area

Our Los Angeles, CA based production partner has the studios to employ the qualities that are important in the film and TV industry today. We have a state-of the-art control room, complete with Chyron graphics, intercom, RTS, IFB and more.

We can produce single-camera news and interview feeds, multi-camera live and taped productions, Satellite Media Tours, Radio Tours, Press Tours, Live Inserts, and Infomercial Productions.

PRODUCTION FACILITY – San Francisco – Bay Area

Our San Francisco, CA based production partner has you covered for high-end corporate productions, broadcast TV shows and commercials, multi-cam events, live in-studio or remote shoots, webcasts, and more.

We can produce single-camera news and interview feeds, multi-camera live and taped productions, Satellite Media Tours, Radio Tours, Press Tours, Live Inserts, and Infomercial Productions.

Studio includes:

  • Three studios
  • Coved Infinity Cyc wall – 27’ x 37’ x 16’
  • Lighting grid
  • Full Grip & lighting Gear
  • Green room, VIP room, makeup, wardrobe, producer room, full kitchen, etc.
  • Standard and custom sets, flats, props
  • Roll up doors with street load-in
  • Live satellite capability (live shots, SMT’s, webcasts, etc.)
  • HD Feeds
  • Green Screen