Custom Media Tour

Custom Media Tour

These are very effective productions that give the feel of an SMT, but produced as a taped segment that is customized to various outlets and shows that bring the highest reach. They are more budget friendly and can be produced as a stand-alone or co-op tour. We can tape an up to 2-minute segment to…

Social Media Segment

Social Media Segment

BOOST your SMT outreach with Social Media content! Creating content for your social media is important! Our Social Media Segments can be produced from your SMT as stand-alone content or we can even script and produce a segment from existing images or b-roll you supply us. We use our two branded content posts, either “Killer…

In-studio with Carley Knobloch

Satellite Media Tours

GET A QUOTE Looking for a cost-effective way to get your brand messaging to consumers? Think Satellite Media Tours, also known as SMTs! SMTs place your product in a news or talk program, giving it an organic and newsworthy hook to get consumer’s attention! Why are SMTs so effective? Tell your story! SMTs…

Services Radio Media Tour

Radio Media Tours

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