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News Media Group Inc. (NMG) produces original, high-quality television and radio programming for public relations professionals to improve media exposure for their brands and clients.

Founded in 2009, NMG is a national leader in organizing and producing satellite and radio media tours (SMTs and RMTs), as well as other editorial and advertorial features. We work with Fortune 500s and other top companies to ensure their brands reach the ideal audiences efficiently and effectively.

NMG guarantees its clients millions of impressions by broadcasting brand messages through our well-established network of television and radio stations across top markets nationwide. Already considered an industry leader, NMG is perhaps best known for providing its partners with high levels of interest and exposure in relevant markets through its immensely successful co-op SMTs.

NMG is also building a portfolio of apps, social media, and other online platforms using its technology trends website, KillerApps.com, and its consumer lifestyle #What’sTrendingNow website, InTheNews.TV.

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About News Media Group


Satellite Media Tour (SMT)

Satellite Media Tours (SMTs) remain one of the most cost-effective ways to distribute your brand or corporate messaging to the consumers you and your clients want to reach. SMTs can place your product in a news or talk program, enhancing its position in the market by featuring it as a relevant, “newsworthy” item.


Cooperative or Co-Op Satellite Media Tours (Co-Op SMTs) are similar to single client SMTs, except that 3-5 participants generally join in and share the overall expenses to produce the media tour, optimizing budget efficiency. Participants in a Co-Op SMT are usually non-competing and have something different to offer the media tour theme.

The Virtual or Remote SMT

Because of COVID-19, this type of SMT exploded in 2020 and is here to stay! Utilizing a Virtual & Remote SMT allows everyone, including the studio, talent and client, to work remotely, but the impact is the same as if your talent was in a studio.

Radio Media Tour (RMT)

A Radio Media Tour (RMT) is similar to an SMT, but the interviews are only for radio and your spokesperson does not need to travel. Everything is produced remotely and for a fraction of the budget.

Social Media Segment (SMS)

Our Social Media Segments can create social media content directly from your SMT or from your existing media library. This is a tremendous opportunity to create timely content that will give you a branding boost on social media.

Custom Media Tour

These are very effective productions that give the feel of an SMT, but produced as a taped segment that is customized to various outlets and shows that bring the highest reach. They are more budget friendly and can be produced as a stand-alone or co-op tour.


As the news industry evolves, it becomes increasingly difficult for companies and organizations to effectively broadcast their message. News Media Group is dedicated and proficient in providing compelling, timely, and newsworthy content from today’s companies and brands. We understand what it takes to create a story and exactly how to deliver it to interested audiences and markets.

We invite you to explore opportunities to partner with NMG and learn about the innovative approach that sets us apart from traditional media groups as we redefine brand outreach standards.

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Personalized attention

At NMG, we don’t simply hand off your media tour to inexperienced account managers who treat your project or brand as a number. Rather, our experts take an involved, hands-on approach, emphasizing attention to detail and nuance every step of the way.

Media relations

We maintain active relationships with a wide variety of top TV and radio stations across the country that trust both our production quality and our spokespeople. Our veteran media bookers have over 30 years of combined experience, ensuring NMG consistently delivers highly effective interviews for our clients’ tours.


From studio location and props to lighting and editing, our team of production specialists will ensure that your media material matches the quality of your brand.


We understand that communication and responsiveness are key, which is why our support experts are available to assist you at all times, including nights, weekends, and holidays. Our teams prioritize returning calls and emails as quickly as possible, and we’re always on hand to answer questions, address concerns, and keep you up to date both during and after your tour.

Follow-up and reporting

We consistently monitor and follow up with our selected stations, and we have one of the highest airing-to-interview ratios in the industry.


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Satellite Media Tour

The single-client stand-alone SMT can be a game changer when you have news or a story that needs attention. It’s the perfect opportunity to blend editorial with a corporate message that gives viewers “news you can use.”

In-studio with Carley Knobloch

Co-op Satellite Media Tour

Maximize the power of an SMT, but share the budget! Great for brands that want the boost that these cost effective tours can bring. There is no better company than NMG when it comes to producing co-op technology SMTs.

Virtual and Remote Satellite Media Tours

Virtual & Remote Satellite Media Tour

Because of COVID-19, this type of SMT exploded in 2020 and looks like it is here to stay! This more budget-friendly format allows everyone, including the studio, talent, and client, to work remotely, but with the same impact as if in-studio.

Custom Media Tour with Amazon

Single Client Custom Media Tour

Custom Media Tours are very effective because they give the feel of an SMT, but are produced as a taped segment. It is customized to various outlets and shows that bring the highest reach. They are more budget friendly and can be produced as a stand-alone or co-op tour.

In-studio with Mario Armstrong

Co-Op Custom Media Tour

As with the successful Single-Client Custom Media Tour, these themed tours have a budget that is accessible for most companies to reach a large scale audience through targeted placed media.

Video Shorts

Social Media Segment

Our Social Media Segments can be produced from your SMT as stand-alone content. This is a tremendous opportunity to repurpose content you have from your media tour that will give you a branding boost on social media platforms.


News Media Group (NMG) runs two daily updated websites for consumers, KillerApps.com for the latest in technology and mobile apps and InTheNews.TV for the latest in consumer lifestyle news. We direct the audience of our media tours to blog articles on these sites so they can gain more information about the featured products, services and brands. We then cross promote these media tour blog articles on other media websites. NMG also maintains a robust social media presence for these sites to continue promotion of our media tours and clients.

NMG manages other targeted website pages on these sites for topics like environmental solutions on EnviroMinute.com and a look at the newsmakers during CES on our BestofCES.com coverage site.

We are always looking for ways to partner with our clients to help get their timely news out through our various online properties, so Contact Us with your ideas!



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