Virtual and Remote Satellite Media Tours

Don’t let COVID-19 make your communication goals stay home! Utilizing a Virtual & Remote satellite media tour allows everyone to be safe in our “new normal”, but the impact is the same as if your talent was in a studio. We’ve taken existing technology and designed the perfect solution to conduct a completely remote satellite media tour where your spokesperson can be at home, and you and our team can be remote as well. This is the same technique being used by some of the biggest names in news and entertainment doing live shots from their home. And viewers have accepted these interview techniques wholeheartedly as a way to be socially conscious and maintaining social distancing.

We make it very easy for your On-camera talent to simply connect over the Internet to our remote production team who control every aspect of the shoot, including inserting video b-roll, cues and recording just as if everything was from the studio. Even better? The agency and clients can join a video conference control room where you can view a beautiful, high-resolution feed from the camera and participate as if they were on set.

And for the interviewing stations, we make it easy for them too! We can connect the interview whether they are connecting to us from satellite, Zoom, Skype, StreamYard and more. Interviews won’t be missed, in fact, we find we can add more interviews!

If you have a story to tell and want to learn more about our Virtual & Remote SMT’s, please contact us! We have the talent and resources to get your story out quickly, effectively and responsibly.