Satellite Media Tours

Satellite Media Tours

Satellite Media Tours (SMTs) remain one of the most cost-effective ways to get your brand or corporate message out through the media to consumers you and your clients want to reach. SMTs can place your product in a news or talk program and enhance its position in the market by featuring it as a “newsworthy” item.

What is a Satellite Media Tour?

SMTs consists of a series of pre-booked interviews, either live or taped, that place your spokesperson on television, radio and the Internet from the comfort and convenience of one location via satellite. SMTs visit many markets across the United States in a matter of hours instead of weeks, which gives your company instant access to the news media. Each interview is generally two-to-four minutes in length for TV and four-eight minutes in length for radio or Internet. Typically, SMTs originate in a studio, but remote production can take place from any location you choose as long as that location brings value to the story, station and viewer. A control room, in either a studio or remote satellite production truck, electronically switches the spokesperson in sequence from one station to another, resulting in a seamless production. Your SMT spokesperson should be either a nationally recognized personality, an expert in the industry, or someone who has had a personal experience with the product and who has media interview experience. A recognized spokesperson will help book interviews and better markets. Through monitoring services of the SMT broadcast and personal follow-up with the TV and Radio stations, you will know which stations aired the interview, market rank, the airdates and times, along with audience reach estimates so you can help measure your ROI.

Checklist for a successful SMT:

CheckmarkEditorial news hook. Choose an editorial headline that gives the interviewing station and viewer “news you can use”. Present your company or product as problem solver.

CheckmarkSMT Date. Make sure your SMT date is not hard to book. Will your story will be fighting against other similar topics or events, be close to a major holiday or up against sweeps weeks on TV?

CheckmarkLocation. When choosing to shoot outside of a controlled studio environment, will the location help bring attention to the story topic or will a studio work just as well?

CheckmarkSpokesperson. Does your spokesperson have media training and are they recognized as an expert? Choose someone who is popular, relevant and credible to the topic.

CheckmarkMarket reach. What are your targeted markets for interviews?

CheckmarkProduction. You can provide a better viewer experience with existing b-roll, producing b-roll on-location, and use multiple cameras and props that help convey your message.

CheckmarkBudget. Is there a budget available to properly support your media tour? Will this back up a major advertising/marketing push? What value or ROI are you expecting?

News Media Group – Your Premier Partner for Satellite Media Tour Production

Do you want to ensure your SMT’s success? We can help you do that. With studio locations in New York City, Los Angeles and South Florida, News Media Group offers one of the best SMT production experiences in the industry. We also provide remote SMT production and can book most studio locations around the country. Our clients include Fortune 500 companies to emerging growth companies, PR Agencies to non-profit organizations.  We cover everything from technology, food, beauty, health care, consumer lifestyle, authors/publishers, movies, new product launches and celebrity driven events.

How We Do It

News Media Group can guarantee millions of impressions for your media tour! We book between 15-25 or more TV, Radio and Online interviews with many in top markets. We can produce an exclusive tour for your product or we can include your product in one of our Co-Op SMTs with other non-competitive companies in order to reduce your overall budget. We can also put together a Radio Media Tour (RMT) that is exclusively for radio interviews and your spokesperson will not have to travel. We put together a comprehensive budget that includes concept and script development, coordination and production of the tour, the location, satellite time and uplinks, spokesperson fees, strategic placement of your segment into selected national and local TV outlets, station bookings and monitoring reports. You can use your spokesperson or we can conduct a spokesperson search for you. Also, directly after your tour, we distribute your generic video on our Web Channels, make it available on Social Media and can include an audio news release (ANR) in your tour. These all present a second opportunity to reach audiences and expand usage of your tour. If you desire a high-quality SMT that delivers results, contact us today to see if we can be your next media tour partner.