Back to School Marketing Brands

Consumers in the U.S are projected to spend a record-breaking $82.8 billion on back to school shopping this year! Brands should maximize their online presence to ensure they reach the widest possible audience while also increasing visibility and presence on popular online and social media platforms.

Shoppers are projected to spend an average of $989.49 per family this back-to-school season! So brands need to utilize targeted campaigns and promotions to ensure they are attracting customers and driving sales.

Create content and visuals that capture the back-to-school season. Brands should create content that captures the excitement and anticipation of going back-to-school, from new technology to backpacks and school supplies.

Leverage influencers and social media personalities. Brands should look to leverage the reach of influencers and social media personalities to further extend their reach and guide shoppers as to what to buy this year.Incorporate user-generated content. This can be a great way for brands to engage with shoppers and create a more personal connection. Look to showcase customer stories and experiences related to back-to-school shopping to further build loyalty and trust.