Brands Marketing Smart Home Devices

Smart home devices are becoming increasingly popular, and there’s no better time for brands to start marketing them to consumers. According to a study by the Consumer Technology Association, more than half of US households now have at least one smart home device, with popular devices ranging from connected cameras, smart thermostats, and smart home hubs. 

Not only are smart home devices good investments for consumers, but they can also increase the value of a home. Adding smart home features such as automated lighting, voice assistants, and security features can raise the value of a home by up to 7%, making it a great way to attract potential buyers. 

Looking into the future, more and more companies are releasing new smart home devices and features as this segment continues to grow. To keep or increase brand market share, a continuous flow of consumer friendly information about your product’s role in the smart home through third-party industry experts will be key for the long term.