With the new season, we’re expecting to see a surge in the use of tech, especially AI-powered home assistants, 5G connectivity, and the latest outdoor tech gadgets. Plus, an increase in solar-powered security systems, robotic lawnmowers, and other smart home gadgets. Here are some ideas to help prep your spring planning.

Spring Cleaning for PR Professionals
  • Spring Clean! Springtime is a great time to get rid of products and services that haven’t been very successful or as profitable as you would like. Perhaps you have too much inventory and need to shrink it fast to make room for new products. If so, create an insanely irresistible deal or special offer to reduce stock and focus on more profitable products and services. Great offers can drive people to your business.
  • Breathe New Life into Products. You don’t have to launch brand new products and services to market with Spring-themed creative and messaging. It can also be a perfect time to breathe new life into how you present your business and your most important products or services.
  • Don’t forget great graphic design can inspire action! It’s easy to get caught up on statistics, data, audience trends, new markets and campaign dates, but don’t forget that in the end, design really matters. The most well-thought, data-driven targeted campaign won’t succeed if your marketing doesn’t catch their eye with the design.