Radio Media Tours

Radio Microphone graphicA Radio Media Tour (RMT) is similar to a Satellite Media Tour (SMT) in that the tour allows for a series of back-to-back interviews with markets across the United States within a few hours. The difference is that the interviews are only for radio and your spokesperson does not need to travel to a location or studio, in fact, they can conduct the interviews from home, an office or almost any location.

They are great for product launches, authors, seasonal campaigns, news you can use campaigns and much more. Media bookers target the geographic locations you are most interested in and most shows are morning/afternoon drive talk format with captive audiences.

RMTs generally take about three to four hours of your spokesperson’s time, depending upon how many interviews you would like to complete. Interviews are typically booked in ten minute windows, allowing a maximum of six scheduled interviews per hour. Each interview typically lasts between 4-8 minutes.

Benefits of a News Media Group RMT:

CheckmarkEffective use of spokesperson’s time. Interviews can take place over most phone lines, such as their home or office, but ISDN or dedicated lines work best.

CheckmarkTimely. RMT’s can be created with only a few days notice, but ideally can be arranged between 2-3 weeks.

CheckmarkBudget friendly. RMT’s have a great audience reach.

CheckmarkAn effective editorial news advisory is written with your input to reach out to station managers for interviews.

CheckmarkStations receive suggested intro, questions, background and bio information so they can prepare a great interview.

CheckmarkBooking between 12-20 interviews over a 4-hour window.

CheckmarkWe conduct a call with you and your spokesperson prior to the RMT to go over messaging and any questions.

CheckmarkGuaranteed inclusion of at least one regional/national outlet in the tour with a reach of over 2 million listeners.

CheckmarkOur RMT’s have one of the highest interview-to-airing ratios in the industry.

CheckmarkInterviews usually last 4-8 minutes, which maximizes on-air time for your spokesperson, organization and issue.

CheckmarkCall lines are open for client, spokesperson, and NMG personnel to speak to each other before and after interviews. All lines are muted except spokesperson and interviewing station during interviews.

CheckmarkMonitoring reports sent within 24 hours after the tour takes place! Reports include market, rank, date, time and estimated audience reach. Reports are sent out regularly until all interviews have been accounted for.

CheckmarkYou receive a digital audio file of every interview that took place within 48 hours.

CheckmarkYou can opt for us to create a 90-second national Audio News Release (ANR) that reaches over 300 stations, has over 600 airings and reaches over 5 million listeners.