School has started, but do you already feel like you’re falling behind? Let’s face it, we have to pack in a lot of stuff for each new school year. From equipment to supplies, we need to bring things to school and bring things home as well.

We advise you to make a checklist so nothing gets left behind.

  • First, create an organizational plan such as keeping a list of your child’s school supplies, what to buy in bulk, fun and healthy lunch ideas, and mark dates for assignments, tests and appointments. Make sure to use your smartphone and even Alexa to set reminders!
  • Get clothes ready, and not just laid out for each new school day, but take inventory so you have enough clothes for all seasons, weather, activities, and even moods.
  • Set up a homework and reading station. Can’t stress this enough!
  • Plan ahead for family meals. Make a list of ingredients, including any special ingredients you need at the store, and meal prep in advance for a stress free evening.
  • Get tech ready. Make sure your computer is up-to-date, you have the right software and updates, the right drivers and security so you can tackle any homework assignment without delay.

Now you’re on your way to a better, and organized school season!