Here are 3 fall trends we are watching this season.

fall tree
  • Colors. It’s the first thing most people notice about the fall season. This year’s top trends include neutral tones and harvest colors. A mix of neutral tones like brown, gray, and taupe can be used to add to the cozy feel of the season. Add a splash of color with reds, oranges, and yellow to bring in a little brightness. 
  • The home. Fall brings a welcomed respite from the summer heat, and it’s a great time to remodel your home or add new pieces to your decor. The fall season is all about bringing in the harvest, so you can’t go wrong with some fresh floral arrangements or a fall themed centerpiece. Try painting your walls a cool color such as green or blue. Technology upgrades for the home can help whether you use smart lighting – indoors and out, sound systems, and cooking appliances to help for holiday meals. The brown trend is also evident in furniture, with a multitude of dark hues, from mahogany to rich walnut.
  • Clothing. Fall is a time we get to break out the sweaters and boots. This season, cozy sweaters from fur to cashmere, velvet to lambskin, and a wide range of colors will help get you in the seasonal mood. Boots are also making a big comeback this season, from heels to boots with tights.