Radio Media Tours

Radio Microphone graphicA Radio Media Tour (RMT) is similar to a Satellite Media Tour (SMT) in that the tour allows for a series of back-to-back interviews with markets across the United States within a few hours. The difference is that the interviews are only for radio and your spokesperson does not need to travel to a location or studio, in fact, they can conduct the interviews from home, an office or almost any location.

They are great for product launches, authors, seasonal campaigns, news you can use campaigns and much more. Media bookers target the geographic locations you are most interested in and most shows are morning/afternoon drive talk format with captive audiences.

RMTs generally take about three to four hours of your spokesperson’s time, depending upon how many interviews you would like to complete. Interviews are typically booked in ten minute windows, allowing a maximum of six scheduled interviews per hour. Each interview typically lasts between 4-8 minutes.

NMG Radio Media Tour