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News Media Group Inc. (NMG) produces original television and radio programming used by public relations professionals to gain media exposure for their brands and clients. Founded in 2009 and based in West Palm Beach, FL, NMG is a leader in organizing and producing co-op satellite media tours and exclusive satellite media tours (SMTs) and radio media tours (RMTs) throughout the year for Fortune 500 and other leading companies. NMG broadcasts clients’ messages through its well-established relationship of television and radio stations in top markets nationwide. We guarantee millions of impressions on television, radio and the Internet through this network. We invite you to explore opportunities to work with News Media Group by Contacting Us ».

Our Work

We worked with Digital Lifestyle Expert Mario Armstrong and Ford Motor Company on a Satellite Media Tour to introduce viewers to Ford’s Research & Innovation Center in Palo Alto, California where they are developing technology that will transform the way we drive. For more information about Satellite Media Tours, click here.

We produce many Co-Op media tours throughout the year with top industry spokespeople. Above was our Back to School Co-Op SMT with Lifestyle Expert Justine Santaniello. For more information on Co-Op SMTs, click here.

We worked with Yahoo! Sports and Yahoo! Fantasy Expert, Brad Evans to produce an SMT and a Radio Media Tour promoting their Fantasy Football league. For more information about Radio Media Tours, click here.

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