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News Media Group Inc. (NMG) produces original television and radio programming used by public relations professionals to gain media exposure for their brands and clients. Founded in 2009 and based in West Palm Beach, FL, NMG is a leader in organizing and producing co-op satellite media tours and exclusive satellite media tours (SMTs) and radio media tours (RMTs) throughout the year for Fortune 500 and other leading companies. NMG broadcasts clients’ messages through its well-established relationship of television and radio stations in top markets nationwide. We guarantee millions of impressions on television, radio and the Internet through this network. We invite you to explore opportunities to work with News Media Group by Contacting Us ».

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We worked with Digital Lifestyle Expert Mario Armstrong and Ford Motor Company on a Satellite Media Tour to introduce viewers to Ford’s Research & Innovation Center in Palo Alto, California where they are developing technology that will transform the way we drive. For more information about Satellite Media Tours, click here.

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The drive for automation is bringing about a modern day gold rush.
Russian claims of planned terrorist attacks using the messaging service Telegram wins over the Russian Supreme Court. Now they get the encryption keys to read all the messages sent on this service.
The newest tech in this @VW engine allows the gas engine to offer the sort of fuel economy previously only found with a diesel engine.
The Bezel vs. Notch...are we becoming too obsessed?
The largest internet radio company files for bankruptcy protection
Prostrate surgery has been already a successful market for robotics, so this new tech offers less risk of side effects
New CEO and big money invested in Lazada will bring a big drive in SEA growth. Will Amazon be able to become a contender after this?
Check out the Disney Parks now on Google street view
Why wireless charging hasn't caught on so quickly
Facebook’s chief information security officer to leave his position by August due to internal security disagreements based from elections
Automated pizza? See how this fast-food industry is moving forward in tech
It looks like LG was inspired to break out webOS into the global market.
Low flying satellites could be a thing in the future with these air-breathing ion thrusters
This curved monitor will launch at the end of the year targeting professionals, but will have gamers and movie lovers jumping on it as well. @Philips
Rock band @okgo looking to help with creative teaching tools for K-12 educators
This Google company is picking up the pace in offering everything smart for the home @nest
Robots get a soft touch with this new 3-D printing method
Sorry to see that this toy store is hitting the road @ToysRUs
Is the prepping for doomsday only for the rich?
The AI-powered smartphone Honor View10 showcased during #CES2018 is now available to preorder in the United States.
An unlikely partnership seems to be working out for this dog walking app
Department of Defense looking to tap into AI for automatic drone footage analysis
France is all over these tech giants to gain more regulations across the pond
Now iOS users can get the @Google Lens experience using the Google Photos app
Big plans for Bigscreen as it rolls on testing users from existing PC Bigscreens who can watch and chat with mobile users. #MobileVR
DoubleClick's outage may cause a demand for more transparency
A way to clean up space junk looks to be underway with this idea from @Airbus
This acquisition will "dramatically simplify the user experience for privileged business users and cloud administrators while extending proactive security controls." @CyberArk
What are the conclusions from a tech columnist when he goes to print to find out about news?
It's easy to pay to your Google contacts using Google Pay Send
The Atom Tickets app looks to give the best movie-going experience with their new boost in funding
This art app gets galleries connected and hopes to offer help to new art buyers
This Renault EZ-GO concept will bring mobility to the young and old
Breaking down the surprise Q&A guest appearance of Elon Musk at #SXSW2018
Siri needs to up her game in the smart part of the AI speaker wars
Let's keep your FOMO at bay with the latest news
Letterman and other satirical personalities teaming up with @netflix. Here's what's cookin'
Bike-sharing operators in Asia have combined, offering more options with less apps
The use of 3-D printing helps bring to the floor quicker the robots that make everything
As @waze spreads across the state of Washington now, it still is adding convenience tools that are designed to make the experience feel safer and more comfortable overall.