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News Media Group Inc. (NMG) produces original television and radio programming used by public relations professionals to gain media exposure for their brands and clients. Founded in 2009 and based in West Palm Beach, FL, NMG is a leader in organizing and producing co-op and exclusive satellite media tours (SMTs) and radio media tours (RMTs) throughout the year for Fortune 500 and other leading companies. NMG broadcasts clients’ messages through its well-established relationship of television and radio stations in top markets nationwide. We guarantee millions of impressions on television, radio and the Internet through this network. We invite you to explore opportunities to work with News Media Group by Contacting Us ».

Our Work

We worked with StarKist and Registered Dietitian, Dawn Jackson Blatner on a Satellite Media Tour to position their brand as a great choice for a post-workout food.  For more information about Satellite Media Tours, click here.

We produce many Co-Op media tours throughout the year with top industry spokespeople. Above was our Summer Beauty SMT with Fashion & Beauty Expert Rebekah George. For more information on Co-Op SMTs, click here.

We worked with Yahoo! Sports and Yahoo! Fantasy Expert, Brad Evans to produce an SMT and a Radio Media Tour promoting their Fantasy Football league. For more information about Radio Media Tours, click here.

Emmy Award winning technology and trends reporter Brett Larson keeps people in the loop of what’s hot in technology with Killer Apps 60-second national television and radio segments. For more information about our Killer Apps Tech Segments, click here.

Our Clients

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@WTNShowParty chat: @Xbox listened and now it's a party of 12.
@KillerAppsNMGiOS 9: time to squash those bugs with iOS 9.0.1
@KillerAppsNMGStricter private car hire regulations: London looking to a change which may end @Uber there
@KillerAppsNMGHTC to reveal new ‘fall+hero’ smartphone on October 20
@WTNShowKeeping data in and intruders out: Privacy-conscious Blackphone 2 now available for purchase
@KillerAppsNMGSmart Home: more gadgets you may want to make your home smarter.
@WTNShowMore convenient access: @evernote has new home screen widget for #Android.
@WTNShowThe Galaxy Tab E: budget tablet that can be used by anyone in the family. @VerizonWireless
@KillerAppsNMGVW lied: that doesn't mean diesel cars are bad.
@WTNShowHow I did on Twitter this week: 8 New Followers, 1 Favorited. How'd your week go? via
@KillerAppsNMGEmployees fired: unauthorized certificates issued allowing attackers to impersonate Google pages protected by HTTPS.
@KillerAppsNMGOffice 2016 for Windows and Mac: available to buy as a single, one-time purchase.
@WTNShowHue 2.0: now Apple HomeKit certified. @Philips
@WTNShowRealistic explosions: how science and hollywood teamed up.
@KillerAppsNMGImmense potential: Indian PM Modi visits US tech chiefs despite encryption policy nightmare.
@WTNShow#WorksWithNest: now looking to broaden its net to devices.
@KillerAppsNMGHow I did on Twitter this week: 1 Mentions. How'd your week go? via
@KillerAppsNMGCell watch: @LGUS sets the bar high with the first round #AndroidWear device
@KillerAppsNMGFight against cybercrime: government regulations may be one of the most effective ways to ensure reporting.
@KillerAppsNMGNot a Sony: #Vaio is back on it's own with a powerful, but pricey tablet for pros.
@WTNShowiOS9: @Skype is up and running.
@KillerAppsNMGiOS 9.0.2: still working out the bugs!
@WTNShowBlackBerry's Android phone: Venice to be known as Priv when it rolls out.
@KillerAppsNMGWindows 10: tips and tricks even for masters.
@WTNShowNew Firefox update: built-in messaging biggest addition.
@WTNShowHitting dealerships in February 2016: @BMW has rolled its latest SUV.
@KillerAppsNMG‘El Capitan’: prepare your Mac for today's upgrade.
@WTNShowFitbit Surge: adding double the battery life and running alerts.
@WTNShow$1 million bug bounty: doesn't fly in the morality department.
@WTNShowSetting aside billions: Volkswagen pays fines for the emission test cheating engine management software.
@KillerAppsNMGHacked: users getting charged for @Uber trips in China overnight.
@KillerAppsNMGWindows 10 notebooks: @LGUS takes on Apple MacBook Air
@WTNShowMechanical keyboards: not just for old school PC users anymore.
@WTNShow#Fall: the season's most lightweight sweaters
@KillerAppsNMGFlight efficiency: commercial airlines to use NASA technology for improvements.
@WTNShowLaser Razor: no more cuts and burns? #SkarpLaser
@WTNShowRe-taking the reins: Twitter builder to step in as CEO for a second term.
@KillerAppsNMGReview: Apple iPhone 6s Plus