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News Media Group runs two daily updated websites for consumers, KillerApps.TV for the latest in technology and mobile apps and InTheNews.TV for the latest in consumer lifestyle news. We direct viewers of our media tours to these sites so viewers and listeners of the tours can gain more information about the featured products, services and brands. We also promote many of these blog articles by working with top websites on the web to cross promote headlines. We also maintain a robust social media presence through these sites to continue promotion of our media tours and clients.


KillerApps.TV gives you a first look at the newest technology hitting the market throughout the year. We cover all the killer applications of technology, not just the mobile apps on your smart devices, but technology in your home, entertainment, gifts, health and more. Each month, we add new videos and content that will keep you in the loop of what’s hot! The site also keeps you current on daily news from the world of technology.

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InTheNews.TV is our consumer content site What’s #Trending Now…in the news (WTN), which is a collection of nationally aired TV interviews and story headlines that give viewers a fresh look at the latest news and trends.

We work with industry veterans, experts and celebrities…covering a variety of topics including Health, Food, Technology, Beauty and Fashion, Environment, Sports, Entertainment and more. The segments focus on social media as a way to share and gain more information about the topics we cover. What’s #Trending Now stories are mainly shot in New York City…the center of it all!

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