Satellite Media Tour (SMT)

Satellite Media Tours (SMTs) remain one of the most cost-effective ways to get your brand or corporate message out through the media to consumers you and your clients want to reach. Learn more »

Co-Op Satellite Media Tour (Co-Op SMT)

Cooperative or Co-Op Satellite Media Tours (Co-Op SMTs) are similar to the single client SMT, with the exception that usually 3-5 participants join in and share the overall expenses to produce the media tour, therefore maximizing your budget. Learn more »

Virtual & Remote Satellite Media Tour

Don’t let COVID-19 make your communication goals stay home! Utilizing a Virtual & Remote satellite media tourallows everyone to be safe in our “new normal”, but the impact is the same as if your talent was in a studio. Learn more »

Radio Media Tour (RMT)

A Radio Media Tour (RMT) is similar to a Satellite Media Tour (SMT) in that the tour allows for a series of back-to-back interviews with markets across the United States within a few hours. The difference is that the interviews are only for radio and your spokesperson does not need to travel to a location or studio, in fact, they can conduct the interviews from home, an office or almost any location. Learn more »


We work with some of the best studios in the country for producing media tours and commercial productions. We have studio locations in South Florida (West Palm Beach), New York City and Los Angeles (Burbank). In addition to our three studio locations, we are also able to produce your program from other studios around the country or from remote locations with mobile satellite production trucks and crew. Learn more »