Co-Op Satellite Media Tour

co-op satellite media tours nmg

What are Co-Op Satellite Media Tours?

Cooperative or Co-Op Satellite Media Tours (Co-Op SMTs) are similar to the single client SMT, with the exception that usually 3-5 participants join in and share the overall expenses to produce the media tour, therefore maximizing your budget. Participants in a Co-Op SMT are usually non-competing and have something different to offer the media tour theme. Many Co-Op SMTs are targeted around the media calendar. For example, “Five cool gifts for Mother’s Day”, “Four Back to School Tech Products Making the Grade this Year”, “Top Holiday Gifts”, etc. Stations like booking these interviews as they help with content for these themes throughout the year and are featured as “newsworthy” to their viewers and listeners. Having the right spokesperson is critical to the success of bookings and credibility of the media tour messaging. News Media Group is a leader when coordinating successful Co-Op media tour campaigns and plans top tours in technology, consumer lifestyle, beauty and entertaining throughout the year. We work to secure high-profile talent to lead the segment and book a series of interviews in the optimal mix of television, radio and online outlets to maximize audience results.

Some of our Tour Highlights include:
  • 3-5 hour, two-camera tour production
  • Tours hosted by top industry spokespeople and influencers
  • Category Exclusivity
  • A minimum of 15 TV, Radio and Internet interviews and reaching at least 10 of the top 50 markets
  • 10-20 million or more guaranteed impressions
  • 2 or more National TV Interview airings
  • Produce a generic interview to air online
  • Online outreach to approximately 200 media websites
  • Social Media Branding
  • Virtual Screening Room to view webcast of the media tour live online