About News Media Group, Inc.

Our mission is to form a strong partnership with our clients to create programming that informs, entertains and makes an impact on their audience. We proudly produce “Your news. Your way.”

About UsNews Media Group Inc. (NMG) produces original television and radio programming used by public relations professionals to gain media exposure for their brands and clients.

Founded in 2009 and based in West Palm Beach, FL, NMG is a leader in organizing and producing co-op and exclusive satellite media tours (SMTs) and radio media tours (RMTs) throughout the year for Fortune 500 and other leading companies. NMG broadcasts clients’ messages through a well-established relationship network of television and radio stations in top markets nationwide. We guarantee millions of impressions on television, radio and the Internet through this network.

Founders Jennifer Rivera and Karl Wayne recruit expert spokespeople and insist on top-quality production at studio locations in South Florida, New York and Los Angeles. NMG can also facilitate on-location areas utilizing satellite production trucks or schedule to work with other in-studio locations around the world.

In addition to producing high-quality original programming for television and radio, NMG is considered an industry leader in gaining exposure for its clients through social media and the Web. NMG shares technology trends with consumers through its website, KillerApps.TV, and its consumer lifestyle trends through its website, InTheNews.TV.

Co-Founder and President Jennifer Rivera is a TV news veteran who spent ten years as a reporter and anchor at local news stations in Mississippi and South Florida. A graduate of the University of Alabama and its Broadcast Journalism program, she helps create the editorial content that news stations look for when booking media tour interviews. “Our goal is to provide stations with quality interviews utilizing top notch spokespeople who are credible and knowledgeable about our featured content.” says Jennifer.

Co-Founder and Executive Producer Karl Wayne has spent over 20 years in television programming from creating half-hour national TV shows to co-founding and building a leading live webcast company in the early dot com days that featured content for clients such as The American Comedy Awards, Cannes Film Festival, Sundance Film Festival, Microsoft and major Las Vegas championship boxing events. He graduated from Florida Atlantic University with a degree in Finance and Marketing. “With every production, we take a hands-on approach that gives our clients the personal attention they deserve while delivering a solid ROI.” mentioned Karl. “We are always searching for new ways to deliver this content over air or online”.

As the news industry evolves, it’s become increasingly difficult for companies and organizations to broadcast their message. Staffed by independent media and news veterans, News Media Group is dedicated to providing compelling, timely and newsworthy content from newsmakers in the fields of Environment, Technology, Food, Health, Business, Entertainment, Consumer News and Lifestyle Trends, and Travel. We understand what it takes to create a story and deliver it to the audience that needs it the most.

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